Sharrieffa Barksdale – Lady Vol Track and Field 1981-1984

I am heartbroken to learn that my school will no longer hold the name Lady Volunteers. I write this letter with great sadness and frustration on behalf of the amazing women that have competed through the athletic program at the University of Tennessee. I am perplexed as to why this drastic decision to do away with such a prestigious name; that has changed so many lives. The name Lady Volunteers is Gold!!!

Tennessee Lady Volunteers program has produced some of the most dedicated, tenacious, and talented groups of young ladies. The talent that has walked through our athletic department has been incredible and the friendships, priceless. Through athletics the school has birthed some of our top Leaders, Olympians, and Entrepreneurs. The Lady Vols all hold a bond that is not easily broken. These women taught me the importance of teamwork and persevering in achieving my goals. If I could take away one lesson that I’ve learned, it is that we win and lose as a team. That lesson has poured into my professional career. I was a part of a team that encouraged, inspired, and motivated each other to greatness. I can truly say that my years as a student athlete (Lady Volunteer) have been the best years of my life. If I could turn back the hands of time and live just one day it would to wear Tennessee Lady Volunteers across my chest. As I type this letter I am in tears because we wore that name with pride.

I hope you would reconsider and allow the name and legacy, “Tennessee Lady Volunteers,” a name that stood for something and a name that stood with pride. The overall development, preparation, and skill of Lady Vols left a legacy that speaks volumes to University of Tennessee.


Sharrieffa Barksdale

3x Olympian USA Track and Field, Former American Record Holder 400 meters Hurdlers

University of Tennessee Lady Vol – 4X All-American

USA Track and Field Olympics Alumni Association President

CEO One on One Training Academy

3 thoughts on “Sharrieffa Barksdale – Lady Vol Track and Field 1981-1984

  1. Thank you very much for this letter. Why can not the idiots behind this change see and understand the Pride in being a LADY Volunteer.


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