Lauren Mattox Reeder – Lady Vol Softball

Dear Dave,

I am writing to ask you and the athletic department, to change your decision on removing the Lady Vol logo and name from all female sports other than basketball. Clearly this is a decision made because of financial concerns, and I understand that. However, sometimes it is important to do what is right. To do what has been earned by every female athlete that woke up early each morning to work out, and were out by 1 each day for more practice, knowing there wasn’t much of a chance we would make $ going pro. We did it because it meant something to be a LADY VOL. Poor decisions are made every day because it is all about the money. I would ask that you think about the impact this will have on former, current, and future women that come to play at Tennessee and ALL the little girls nation wide that hoped like I did to become a “LADY VOL.”

Thanks for your time,

Lauren Mattox

Lady Vol Softball 2002-2004

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