Whitney ‘Heeres’ Blossom – Lady Vol Volleyball 2012-2013

Hello, my name is Whitney Blossom (Heeres) and I competed in volleyball at the University of Tennessee my junior and senior year. I transferred from Ball State University after my sophomore year. I decided to transfer to Tennessee because of the competitive atmosphere and support. Also, the history behind women’s athletics was phenomenal and was something I wanted to be a part of. I never experienced the feeling of having so much pride for one’s school until I became a Lady Vol.



I have a unique experience since I previously competed at a different university. I do not think I can completely express the feeling of pride one has in calling themselves a Lady Vol. Pat Summit created a legacy and a name for the woman athletes at the University of Tennessee. I do not think it is appropriate to say it only affected the women’s basketball program – it is something that affected all of women’s athletics.  The bond the women’s teams have with each other is something very special. If one wants to create “One Tennessee” excluding one team does not seem unifying. Additionally, there was never a discrepancy between the men’s and women’s athletics. Taking away the Lady Vols is taking away our identity- it was and is who we are and always will be. Being a Lady Vol is empowering and inspiring.


Since becoming a Lady Vol I have had countless experiences of young girls and future collegiate volleyball players express their desire and expirations of becoming a future Lady Vol. As a Lady Vol you are a role model to so many people, especially the young girls. It is of high importance to reinstate the Lady Vols and return the pride to ALL women’s athletics. We will always be the Lady Vols.


Whitney Blossom

Lady Vol Volleyball 2012-2013


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