Melissa Speros – Lady Vol Soccer 2007-2010

Logo. A logo can mean many different things to many different people. But to me, a logo means family.


We all notice logos, we all wear logos, we all seek out to support logos that represent the same values and characteristics that we find important to us. A logo to me symbolizes love or bond; it symbolizes camaraderie, pride, strength, respect, a sense of belonging, a sense of family. So to take away the Lady Vol logo…is like taking away my family. As a former Lady Vol, my family was, and will still remain, my team and the whole women’s athletic department.


They are MY family. They are the family that helped me get through the toughest 4 years of my life. They are the family that stayed up until all hours of the night to help me pass exams, to sit with me and keep me company or go grab Moe’s so I didn’t have to study alone or hungry. They are the family that pushed me (literally) during soccer pre-season so I could pass the cooper, 120’s, cones, and everything else. They are the family that stayed after practice with me to help me kick long balls or practice my corner kicks. They are the family that would come to every home game to cheer us on and watch every away game online. They are the family that helped paint the Rock and they are the family that stood beside me when we had to do punishment running, because let’s be honest, we all had to do some punishment running at least one or twice…or twenty times 🙂


There has not been a day in my life that goes by, that I do not reference my time as a Lady Vol. I have been in a hugely successful role with the same company since I graduated college almost 4 years ago, (a role, might I add, that I would not have gotten if it wasn’t for the amazing Lady Vol family I had at Thornton) and I still give credit to who I am today and my successes from the great Lady Vol family I have at UT both past, present, and future.


I came to this great University to play soccer because of the sense of family. So why take that away? Every time I stepped foot inside the indoor football complex, weight room, locker room, Regal Stadium, I did it with 28 family members.


I was never alone in the weight room while doing 30 minute bike sprints, I had the Swim, Row, XC, T&F, Golf, Volleyball, Tennis, Softball, and Basketball team all in there, going through the same thing, and cheering me on to get through it. So why take that away? I remember a specific time during one of my soccer team’s off season workouts, doing plate pushes through Stokely. Naturally, we were in a competition, we were exhausted, and we were terrified of missing our time for fear we would have to do extra. Just at the time when we were on our last straight away push home, a few of the Volleyball & Tennis girls came walking through. What do you think happened? Do you think they walked by quietly trying not to interrupt or distract us? Hell no. They started running alongside of us on the straight away screaming at us, getting down and crawling next to us, cheering us on, telling us we can do it….pushing us. Why do you think they did that? Because that is what FAMILY does. And that is what a Lady Vol does. So why take that away?


Melissa Speros


Lady Vol Soccer 2007-2010

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