Liz Dickson – Lady Vol Row 2010 – 2015

“Today is the day that the term Lady Vol is no longer officially recognized. There will be no more Lady Vols walking across the stage or winning championships. No one else will experience the power, the strength and the excitement that being a Lady Vol brings. Today, the tradition has come to an end.


I’m sure it is not surprising when I say, I am extremely disappointed. Being a lady Vol has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It taught me so much and made me the person I am. I was a part of a program that pushed girls to become the best version of themselves and always told them that they could do anything. I was supplied with amazing role models and support all along the way, something I will forever be grateful for. In all honesty, I am very disappointed and very surprised that the the University of Tennessee has decided that this program and this standard is not worth keeping around.


In a time where women are pushing to be at the top and the world is encouraging them, Tennessee is taking a step backwards. It is disappointing and unfortunate, but I am and always will be a Lady Vol. I am proud to stand with thousands of remarkable women who have gone through the program and worked everyday for our reputation. Thank you to everyone who valued and supported the Lady Vol brand, we are forever grateful! ”


Liz Dickson

Lady Vol Rowing 2010-2015

2 thoughts on “Liz Dickson – Lady Vol Row 2010 – 2015

  1. No Lady Vols …then no money for the university, no support moral or otherwise for the men, no orange and white, no power T, no nike products bought or kept if given until the Lady Vols are back where they belong. The women deserve better! For far too long they have held the standard by themselves but at the same time they were all Tennessee. Now this slap in the face to all females in the state. Get rid of the Crimson Tide connections and bring back the orange and white pride.


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