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Check out this awesome Youtube video created by a friend of the Bring Back The Lady Vols Crew!

The Lady Vols Legacy, A Tribute to Pat Summitt


Please note: This webpage is not affiliated with the University of Tennessee. It is a representation of the views of myself and other contributing former Lady Volunteers.  Our social media pages that are attached to this website, are the only social media platforms associated with this campaign.  Please speak with before utilizing any of these letters as a collection.

5 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. These letters are powerful. As the mother of a former Lady Vol diver I am supporting the cause. I think the writers should send these to local papers in letters to the editor. and to sports columnists like John Adams of the Knoxville News Sentinel. I also think they should be sent to the governor and all other trustees even thoughtthe president says it is not a trustee voting issue.
    Keep up the fight. We need another rally soon! Lady Vol For Life
    Sherry Ball


  2. I hope EVERYONE on this website is emailing John Currie & Beverly Davenport at least once a week. I hope that before they can read their other emails they have to go throught100 or so “RESTORE THE LADY VOLS” emails. Number count!!


  3. I received a Donor Letter from John Currie with a reply window. I hope if any of you received the same, you asked him to RESTORE THE LADY VOLS!!


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