Thank You!

Former and current Lady Vols, fan faithfuls, and friends and family of athletes,

I want to first express my gratitude to all of you for your comments, likes, shares and continued social media chatter in efforts to restore the Lady Volunteer name over the past year.  You have all kept this issue relevant from the day of UT’s rebranding announcement  and for that, I thank you.

As active letter collecting has slowed down, my hope is that this website will continue to serve as a lasting memory to celebrate the Lady Volunteer legacy and tradition of excellence.  You can check out the collection of letters from former and current athletes HERE.

I want to assure you the fight is not over, as we quickly approach the one year mark of this decision.  I urge you to continue to refer to the women’s sports teams at UT, as Lady Vols as well.  Check out the latest news on the LV issues: Legislation Drafted on Lady Vols Issue.  Thank you Representative Kane for your continued support!

If you are a Lady Vol, or know someone who may be interested in writing a letter to be featured on, please do not hesitant to contact me directly at  And thank you all for the continued support.

Lady Vol for Life,

Leslie Cikra

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